What's at the Center of Your Heart?

Hello, my name is Ariana and I’m the founder of Charmfril. Creativity is something I thrive on, simply because it makes me happy! Because of my creative personality, I have never been able to fit the things I love into just one box. I have so many important pieces that come together to represent who I am. My heart is centered around my family, friends, music, video games, photography, sports; my list goes on and on! I created Charmfril because I want you to be proud to show off the things on your list! Our Phone Cases & Picture Frames, with interchangeable lockets and charms are meant to do just that : to allow you to Echo You! Charmfril is the jewelry that lets you showcase who you are through a variety of charms you choose yourself.

Charmfril was created to encourage others to proudly display the things in life that make them who they are. I want to spread the message that it’s more than okay to be proud of YOU. Our charms are an everyday reminder to be yourself, to follow your dreams and to live your life doing what you love. Be yourself and nothing but yourself. Echo You. Find whatever’s at the center of your heart and be proud of that. What's at the center of your heart?

We currently have two Patents Pending:

--Phone case with interchangeable lockets

--Phone case with interchangeable charms

Meet the Mascot

Bella Mia- "Team Mascot"

Some fun facts about Bella:

  • She takes her job very seriously! She is responsible for being the cutest kitty around. 🙂
  • Her favorite foods are sardines and candy (specifically anything watermelon flavored).
  • She is happiest snuggled up in her oversized bean bag or on a nice cozy lap.


Some fun facts about me:

  • Businesswoman by day, Catwoman by night.
  • In case my identity didn’t give it away, I love cats. Especially Charmfril’s cutest and furriest mascot!
  • I am a self-taught guitar player, but I can’t sing. Just because I can’t, doesn’t mean I won’t! 🙂
  • Photography and music make me happy.
  • I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the unconditional love and support of my family. The center of my heart is my family.


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